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Campervan Rentals In NZ

Campervan hire New Zealand is the most convenient way to explore the beauty of New Zealand. It is especially useful for long distance travel which is usually unsuitable with a car. Whether planning a getaway with your friends, a business trip or a family holiday, campervan travel is the most practical and affordable option for your travel! There are so many benefits of renting a campervan and unlike other modes of travel such as bus, train or plane; campervan allows you to customize your travel.

New Zealand being such an enormous country with varying terrains and climates definitely calls for campervan rental. Unlike the public transport vehicles Campervan rentals New Zealand gives you the benefit of stopping anywhere and exploring the land of wonder at your own pace. While exploring the city of nature, you will see a lot of tourists driving their own campervans because the terrain of New Zealand is perfectly suitable for Campervan travel.

There are vast numbers of campsites in New Zealand nearby every village, town, beach and national park, which will surely guzzle up your vacation budget. But a campervan hire NZ would allow you to have all the adventure remaining in a budget, as campervans are equipped with everything you need.

We rent out Campervan to suit any budget and size. When people think of camping, they feel that they need to carry only bare essentials with them or else their trip would become inconvenient. This is not the case with Campervan. Renting a campervan will add a touch of luxury to your adventure, making your travel comfortable. Moreover it will add a private touch to your trip.

The tropical weather of New Zealand is so unexpected, it rains anytime and any day. Given a campervan, you can sit inside the roomy space, or pull out a table and have snacks or watch TV. The seats can be converted into a bed, thereby making it a mini hotel room, when the weather outside is chilly and uncomfortable.

Our campervans hire New Zealand are available in a lot of different sizes, from 2 beds and 3 beds to 6 beds. So you can choose your most preferred option based on your budget and needs. One of the best parts of hiring a campervan is various groups of people can rent it out and share rentals between them.

Hiring a campervan in New Zealand guarantees the best value for your money. A single package allows you to get a mobile accommodation and rental vehicle. So you won’t need to pay large amounts for hotel accommodations. Apart from that, you can make your food on your own vehicle. This will also save money from restaurant expenses.

Holidaying New Zealand in a campervan will put you close to the beautiful scenery of the country. So avoid unnecessary packing and unpacking and get on your road trip to form stories that you can share with friends and family.


Campervan Rentals In NZ

Campervan Rentals In NZ

Cheap Campervan Hire NZ

If you are looking for an ideal destination to spend the upcoming vacation with your family, Auckland New Zealand should come to the top of your list. You can find a wide range of attractions around Auckland, including the Bay of Islands which is an easy 3 hour drive north. The roads are extremely quiet and they give you the opportunity to relax your body and mind. In addition, you can have an unforgettable camping experience at the Bay of Islands.

You can find a large number of tourist attractions around Bay of Islands and Auckland. The warm climate weather has played a major role behind the above mentioned fact. Tourists from every corner of the world visit this area during vacations to take part in water based activities such as swimming with dolphins, diving, fishing, sea kayaking and to take part in scenic cruises.

The main towns that you can find around Bay of Islands are Kerikeri, Russel, Waitangi and Paihia. A broad range of accommodation is available for the tourists in these towns and you don’t need to worry about anything. In addition, plenty of places are there for you to eat and entertain yourself. Out of these towns, Paihia is the tourist center of the region. If you go there, you will be able to enroll in sightseeing tours. Moreover, most of the fine class restaurants and hotels are located in Paihia.

Tourists who visit Cape Brett can discover the world famous natural wonder, which is famously known as “hole in the rock.” You will have to go there in a boat and your captain will navigate you throughout the entire journey. A Campervan travel would be incomplete without a visit to Cape Reinga, which is the very top of North Island. Tourists who go there will get the opportunity to uncover the natural wild beauty that you cannot experience from anywhere else.

You can also visit the heart of New Zealand history, Waitangi Reserve and Treaty House during your journey from Auckland to Bay of Islands. In addition, you can pay a visit to the Haruru Falls that is located about 3km away from Paihia. It is the very first river port of New Zealand and it is also known as the original landing place of European sailors during 1800s.

Once you visit the Bay of Islands, you can enjoy your time at the sunny beach that is associated with a peaceful environment. The beach is not crowded and you have plenty of space to relax with your family members. These are only few of the tourist attractions that you can enjoy during your stay in Auckland and Bay of Islands. It is better if you can visit here on your next vacation and have an unforgettable time with your family members.

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Campervan Hire NZ – A Campervan Journey Around New Zealand

Campervan Hire New Zealand

Traveling around New Zealand had been a dream of mine for years. The rugged landscape, national parks and wildlife had me dreaming of pitching tents, cooking over campfires and trekking through the wilderness. Although seemingly a small country compared to my home in America, it turns out that New Zealand has a lot of ground to cover. So, when my two travel partners and I set off on our adventure there, we headed to Campervan Select (recommended by our friend Charlie. Thanks again!) and shacked up in a camper, ready to take the country by storm.

The campervan rental led to a string of amazing decisions we made while on the journey and we found our travels to be made more economical and comfortable for choosing this home on wheels. The 2 + 1 berth camper that we rented had plenty of space for the three of us and even came with a “self contained permit” which allowed us to have our own toilet and water supply inside. With everything we needed for a comfy trip, we headed off into the natural landscape of our much awaited journey through New Zealand.

We visited the major cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch where we learned about modern culture as well as the culture of the Maori. Days were spent ascending mountain passes, stopping off at wineries and free camping next to beaches. It was nice to have the freedom to camp where we wanted, although we didn’t have the protection that is offered by for profit campgrounds. Our campervan took us to view the glaciers of Fiordland National Park and the mountains of Author’s Pass. It took us to see the glowworms of Waitomo Caves and the houses of Hobbiton too.

It is a journey that I will never forget and one that wouldn’t have been possible without my two best friends and a campervan to take us everywhere our hearts desired.