Campervan Hire NZ – A Campervan Journey Around New Zealand

Campervan Hire New Zealand

Traveling around New Zealand had been a dream of mine for years. The rugged landscape, national parks and wildlife had me dreaming of pitching tents, cooking over campfires and trekking through the wilderness. Although seemingly a small country compared to my home in America, it turns out that New Zealand has a lot of ground to cover. So, when my two travel partners and I set off on our adventure there, we headed to Campervan Select (recommended by our friend Charlie. Thanks again!) and shacked up in a camper, ready to take the country by storm.

The campervan rental led to a string of amazing decisions we made while on the journey and we found our travels to be made more economical and comfortable for choosing this home on wheels. The 2 + 1 berth camper that we rented had plenty of space for the three of us and even came with a “self contained permit” which allowed us to have our own toilet and water supply inside. With everything we needed for a comfy trip, we headed off into the natural landscape of our much awaited journey through New Zealand.

We visited the major cities of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch where we learned about modern culture as well as the culture of the Maori. Days were spent ascending mountain passes, stopping off at wineries and free camping next to beaches. It was nice to have the freedom to camp where we wanted, although we didn’t have the protection that is offered by for profit campgrounds. Our campervan took us to view the glaciers of Fiordland National Park and the mountains of Author’s Pass. It took us to see the glowworms of Waitomo Caves and the houses of Hobbiton too.

It is a journey that I will never forget and one that wouldn’t have been possible without my two best friends and a campervan to take us everywhere our hearts desired.


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