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Campervan Rentals New Zealand

Campervan Rentals New Zealand

It was a memorable experience when I embarked on a recent holiday trip to New Zealand with a Campervan hire in Auckland.

Indeed, New Zealand is the country with the widest variety of natural beauty in the world. I knew this as an experienced traveler, that the only way to really see this country is by hiring a campervan.

Here is my experience when I took a 7 days tour to New Zealand in a campervan:

Day One: I hired my Campervan through an agency called Campervanselect based in Nelson and arrange to pick up the camper at Auckland airport. Flying into Auckland offers a more noteworthy determination of low airfare bargains. My trip was in the middle of January and February which is the best time to tour according to them as the weather is generally warm and sunny. That is when New Zealand’s summertime is still on and the major holidays are over, so less tourists. Auckland is the greatest metropolitan city in the country, with the greatest determination of campervan rentals. Rentals frequently accompany small scale kitchens and toilets included inside the campervan, and whichever kind you pick, New Zealand is loaded with campgrounds which have the facilities you need like toilets, showers, and electrical hookups, so you can without much of a stretch discover a spot to stop for the night regardless of where you go.

On my first day, I shook off the jetlag with an adrenaline rush as I took a cable controlled base jump off of Auckland’s Sky tower. The harness and cables guaranteed that I fall at a controlled rate of 85 kilometers for every hour, and in 11 seconds, I fell 192 meters, with a smooth and safe landing inside the Sky City Plaza.

On my second day, I started going around New Zealand in a campervan, driving south just 2 hours to reach Raglan, the famous surf spot on the west coast that has been seen by performers like Jack Johnson on their holidays. The vibe there made me relaxed and I was happy to crash there for the night.

The third day took me 2 hours southeast to Rotorua, where the popular mud pools, springs, and geothermal hot springs are found. Walk through a national park of steam rising off of the multi-colored pools, showing the magnificence of the tectonic plate movement that formed the islands of New Zealand. After seeing enough, I drove one more hour south to Taupo, home of a pleasant incredible lake where you can absorb common hot pools and spend a serene night.

My next stop on the fourth day was Wellington, this was just 5 and a half hours away. Wellington is one of the areas where the “Lord of the Rings” film was started, and is a clamoring city with enough to see and do.

After breakfast on the fifth day, I drove my campervan to the ferry terminal in Wellington and set sail to Piction, located on the South Island. The sail across the Strait is wonderful and takes around 3.5 hours. When I arrived in the port I drove through the most beautiful farmland I have ever seen. I was on my way to Franz Josef, where the 7.5 mile icy mass is found.  I could stop anyplace when am tired and make a quick brew or snack which is the beauty of traveling in a campervan.

I chose to stop and do some Kayaking which is a great for individuals of all ages. It is perfect for the individuals who wants to view the wonders of nature in a relaxed and refreshing way. The Bay of Islands off the shore of the North Island is one of the top spots for kayaking. There are somewhere in the range of 150 islands to go around. The long beautiful coastline merits exploring too. The waters are steaming with natural life and this positively made my experience significantly more fun. The coves of Milford Sound and Doubtful Sound on the South Island are additionally a great place for kayaking trips. The same is valid for Kaikoura which offers close encounters with different marine creatures including whales.

I arrived at the Franz Josef glacier on the sixth day and I was amazed to see the morning reflect off the snow. After taking it all in, I continued my drive east across the scenic mountain landscapes of Arthur’s Pass towards Christchurch, about 5 hours away. This was where I enjoyed hiking, which was one of the most popular activities for people going on a campervan holiday in New Zealand. I was physically active while enjoying all the natural beauty that surrounds me. There are numerous great hiking tracks to consider. The Abel Tasman Coast Track is a top choice for the gorgeous beaches and picturesque granite cliffs. Tongariro Alpine Crossing took me to the volcanic peaks and mountain lakes for a day. I needed something more thrilling, I consider the hiking experience which the Abbey Caves in Whangarei offered.

My last destination on the seventh day was Christchurch which was where I dropped of my campervan rental and where I could unwind and gather the last memories I needed before flying out of New Zealand’s second biggest worldwide airport.

These are just some of the most popular activities which campervan holiday makers in New Zealand enjoy.